How To Clean Your Record Player

DJs playing a record playerMost record players, especially the modern ones, are actually relatively maintenance-free, as opposed to the old vintage ones. The only thing you might have to switch out or replace from time to time is the stylus, or needle. Besides that however, you might also want to use a soft brush (which usually comes in a package) to clean the spinning platter at the top. This is to prevent any dust from settling into the small crevices at the sides of the spinning platform or the middle where the vinyl is placed. The accumulation of dust at these tiny areas can cause skips as you listen to the music.

If you choose to buy a belt drive turntable, you might also want to consider buying a backup belt just in case the original one wears out. Wear and tear is expected to happen especially if you opt for a belt driven record player. Direct drive record players are ideal for those who prefer less hassle, but of course, there are those that swear by belt drive turntables. The differences between the two types of record players are minute, but the belt driven turntables essentially allow for some form of customization. This does not mean however that direct driven record players are non-customizable of course. In fact, you can customize the brand and type of stylus needle that each record player uses. Some of the more popular brands include Crosley and Audio-Technica.