A Collection of My Favorite Wine Labels

A lot of people have hobbies. Mine is to collect wine labels. I have been doing so for many years now. The one thing I struggled with what were to store my favorite wine labels. I didn’t want them just out in the open.

I decided the best thing to do would be to put them all in a frame to put on my wall. I can then change them out if I want to. I don’t have to keep the same wine labels in there.

I went to the store to find a really good frame. I was able to right away. I really enjoyed the look of it and I knew it would look good with the labels too. I decided I was going to hang it up in my dining room.


I came home and picked out my favorite wine labels. I have about 10 of them that I love. Luckily the frame could hold that many. I spent some time putting them in the frame the way I wanted them to be. It took a little longer than I thought it would but it turned out just fine.

I then found a spot to hang the frame. Friends told me that it looks really good and I am happy with it. I have been thinking about adding another frame to add even more labels to it. I am not sure on that yet.

It is great when I eat to look up and see them. The labels make me happy and it great to be able to look at them all of the time. I enjoy each one and I remember which bottle it came from.

I have spent a lot of time building up my collection. I am picky and don’t just get any label. It has to be special and something I really enjoy other wise I won’t add it to my collection.

Sometime I would like to pass the collection down to my daughter. She is too young right now so I think it would be much to early to tell her about it. Now that I have my favorites displayed I hope she can see it as she grows up and ask some questions when she is old enough to do so. I don’t want anything to happen to the collection after I am gone.

If you would like to make your own collection then just go to http://www.bottleyourbrand.com/holiday+wine+labels.

Chicago vs. St. Louis Plumbing Companies

It is obvious that if you are residing in the Chicago area, you’re not going to hire a St. Louis plumber to come out to your house, a 300 mile commute one-way. Likewise, those in St. Louis are going to use plumbers that are in close proximity to their home, and would never think twice about calling someone from Chicago. But in comparison, there are some benefits and drawbacks to each plumber based upon their location and the skill sets that they will have as a result of the environment that they live in. Here is an overview of the benefits of each of these plumbers, and drawbacks that each one possesses. I can attest after using multiple Chicago Illinois plumbers, it was not an easy process!

The Benefits Of Hiring A Chicago Plumber


Plumbing companies in Chicago are going to have just as much expertise as every other plumber across the nation. They will have gone to similar schools to learn how to do plumbing, or will have been an apprentice under a plumber that has decades of experience, learning under their wing about all that needs to be known about what can arise in this profession. In Chicago, the primary benefit is that these plumbers are highly skilled at handling cold-weather, can repair frozen pipes very quickly, and get you back up and running as soon as possible. The primary drawback is that despite having more plumbers than the St. Louis area, they are in higher demand, and therefore you may have to wait longer than you would want to for someone that is available.

Benefits Of Hiring A Illinois Plumber

A plumber in Illinois, just like Chicago plumbers, will have proper licensing and experience to deal with virtually any type of plumbing problem including leaky pipes, cracked pipes, septic tank problems, and everything else that can go wrong including flooding as a result of a broken water main. A St. Louis plumber has the advantage of knowing how to handle flooding better than a Chicago plumber, and therefore when the Mississippi does get too high, they will know exactly what to do, and what equipment to use, in order to eliminate water from your home. The only drawback is that during times of excessive flooding, you may not be able to get your turn with a professional plumber for several hours, or even days, which can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Now that you understand the positive and negative aspects of plumbers in both Chicago and Illinois, it’s up to you to do your research, find a plumber, preferably one that handles emergencies as well, in case you need one at a moments notice for an emergency that arises.

Josh’s New Ethanol Fireplace and Why He Got It

A fireplace is a luxury that never goes out of style. It is incredibly relaxing to sit in front of a fire and watch the relaxing flames while feeling the comfort of the heat. The problem is that making a fire in your fireplace takes a ton of work and the smoke it produces isn’t good for the environment.

You have to find the logs, build the fire, make sure it is out at the end and clean it up afterwards. Chimneys are expensive to maintain, and if you want to build one from scratch, you are looking at a job that costs well into the thousands of dollars. A much better alternative is to use a smokeless fireplace. You still get all the benefits of a wood fire, yet you will just pay a fraction of the cost.

Using a smokeless fireplace is better for the environment as well. Toxic smoke isn’t released into the atmosphere and the fuel that the fireplace uses is clean burning. A smokeless fireplace is affordable and it is portable. If you want an easy way to raise the value of your home, install a smokeless fireplace.

What Is A Smokeless Fireplace?

Smokeless fireplaces are fireplaces that don’t require using a chimney. You don’t have to deal with expensive gas connections either. They can be installed anywhere. A smokeless fireplace uses clean burning bio ethanol fuel. It produces heat and flames as it burns, but there is no smoke or dangerous emissions. This allows you to place the fireplace anywhere. The fireplace doesn’t use batteries or electricity. It is completely self contained. All you need is the ethanol fuel and you are ready to go.

Is A Smokeless Fireplace Good For The Environment?

Smokeless fireplaces are a green alternative to burning a wood fire. Wood fires produce particulate matter and smoke which contributes towards pollution. Frankly, they aren’t that good for your health either. The smoke can cause respiratory problems.

A smokeless fireplace on the other hand, uses environmentally friendly bio ethanol. No particulates are produced, just a small amount of steam and water vapor. They burn clean and won’t aggravate your allergies. Bio ethanol is a renewable and green source of energy.

Does A Smokeless Fireplace Increase Your Home’s Value?

Installing a smokeless fireplace is a great way to increase the value of your home. They look like a fireplace that uses a chimney and you can find them in both modern and traditional designs. Stainless steel fireplaces are popular right now. They have a modern, European look that is quite appealing. These quality products look great in any home.

How Much Heat Does A Smokeless Fireplace Produce?


Even the smallest smokeless fireplace model generates the heat of two electric heaters. The fireplace is equipped with a convection system that maximizes the heat and circulates it throughout your room. You will find that a smokeless fireplace produces enough heat for your needs.

Can You Install A Smokeless Fireplace Outside?

You can install a smokeless fireplace anywhere, and they are perfect for using outside. Create a warm, cozy outdoor living area with the fireplace as your focal point. You will love sitting in your garden at night watching the flames. You will find plenty of smokeless fireplaces that are perfect for outdoor use.

What is Bio Ethanol?

Bio ethanol fuel is basically alcohol. It is made by the fermentation process of sugar and other organic ingredients. Bio ethanol can even be produced by wheat. While it has a 100 percent alcohol content, it can’t be sold as such because it could potentially be ingested. Instead, the alcohol is denatured and then packaged.

Is Ethanol Easy To Find?

Once you have your smokeless fireplaces installed, you will need a supply of ethanol to run it. There are plenty of online outlets where you can purchase the fuel and you can even find it in some stores. The fuel is long lasting and depending how hot you want your fire, it can last up to 20 hours.

Bio ethanol is biodegradable and it does not produce harmful emissions, only water steam and carbon dioxide. This pure fuel is truly environmentally friendly. It doesn’t have an odor while it burns either.

Is a Smokeless Fireplace Expensive To Run?

It only costs a few dollars a day to run your fireplace which is much cheaper than gas costs. While it is more expensive than a wood fire, a smokeless fireplace saves you money on chimney cleanings and other maintenance costs that you incur with a wood burning fireplace.

Is A Smokeless Fireplace Safe?

When used correctly, smokeless fireplaces are very safe to operate. You do need to be careful when storing your ethanol because it is flammable. Keep it in a safe place and away from children.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are using your fireplace. Since the ethanol is flammable, do not refill your fireplace while it is hot. Let it cool completely before you add more fuel. Never fill it while it is running.

You also want to make sure you don’t overfill your fireplace. Keep the ethanol levels at or below the max line. You must also keep the fireplace away from small children and animals. If you follow all the safety precautions, your fireplace will be safe to operate.

A smokeless fireplace is the best and most cost effective way to bring a fireplace to your home. You will raise the value of your home and help the environment at the same time. The fireplaces look sleek and they make a worthwhile addition to any home.

If you want a fireplace that you can enjoy anywhere, you need to install a smokeless fireplace. Whether you put one in your patio or in your living room, you will love the ambience that they add to your home. The warmth and flames that they put out is truly relaxing. Make your home a home with smokeless fireplace.

Finding The Right SEO Company For Your Business

You’ll be aware of how to find St. Louis SEO assistance after reading the text here. You need to make sure that you are willing to work with this advice because then it will allow for you to get the best in the business to help you. Get to know your options by continuing on.

It is going to be a good idea for you to work with someone who has a good price on their services. Never pay someone without doing some research on pricing in the area so you can see whether or not you’re being treated fairly. Remember, however, that most of the time if you want to work with an expert in the field you’re going to have to pay a little more. Always know what the money is going towards and if there are better prices elsewhere by doing some research.

When someone comes up with content for your site like an article for SEO purposes, make sure you go through it to see if it contains mistakes. You need to look for grammar and spelling issues, and to see if the content was even written by the person by checking for plagiarism. Also try to see if the content makes sense or if it’s just text strung together from a lot of random sources because search engines are going to be able to tell if something is well written or just a mass of text with keywords stuffed in.


Give yourself some time to see results with SEO, but know to contact the company after a couple of weeks or a month in if you’re not seeing any results. This kind of thing isn’t an exact science all of the time so some people may have a hard time getting traffic for a little while while another person could have their site take off in just a couple of weeks. Know that it is okay to contact an SEO company since this is something you are paying for and you may find that a mistake was made that needs to be fixed.

You need to have a good looking website if you want people to interact with your website and tell their family and friends to check the website out. If you’re not able to do web design you need to hire someone to help you because it can be very difficult to learn how to design a webpage quickly and risking putting up a terrible site isn’t a good idea. It’s far easier to just hire someone to do the work and then find an SEO expert to take care of the rest.

Learning what you can about the St. Louis SEO options you can find will help you to know how to proceed. Never just guess when it comes to this because you need to have someone that knows their way around SEO. All in all you will be pleased once you use this advice to your advantage.

How I found a Good Company That Could Do Area Rug Cleaning

Carpets have a way of warming up any room in ways that no other house utility can. They add a touch of comfort to the entire room, be it your living room or your bedroom. So amazing is the magic touch of carpets that many families in St Louis have laid them on their floors.

However, being on the floor means that they are bound to get dirty eventually. Stains from ink, coffee, tea, grease and oil, wax and many other sources have ways of just popping up and changing the aura created by carpets. Dirty carpets are down-right unattractive on any floor.

Luckily for all of you living in St Louis, you have a myriad of carpet cleaning companies offering professional services to choose from. This is a good thing for you as a customer. The competitive environment makes the pricing competitive ensuring you get value for money.

It can also be a bad thing. Many choices may create an instance where you are not sure which is the best company to choose from. You do not need to fret over this issue any more. There are very simple steps you can take to ensure you chose the best company.

Profiling Carpet Cleaning Companies In St Louis


Area rug cleaning St Louis companies have websites from which you can use to get a feel of their service quality. The services they offer are usually listed on their websites. An indication of the prices they charge may also be included on the website. However, since the primary purpose for website is to sell their products, you should look for other factors that indicate their service quality.

One aspect that can give you a clear indication of their quality of services is the feedback and response from their customers. Generally positive feedback is an indicator of good service quality.

Companies with a referral programs shows that they are serious on customer service; no referral program can work effectively when their services are of poor quality. Such companies work hard to ensure customer satisfaction is attained, primarily by providing the services possible.

While searching for a company to hire, it important to note the precise areas they offer services. It may seem as a simple issue to note, but many people do overlook it, only to have the company they hired charge more because of the distance they covered to reach your home. This factor should therefore be up-top in the list of determining factors, together with scheduling and pricing as you look for carpet cleaning in St Louise.

Why Plan American When You Can Plan European

Are you thinking about buying a new home? If so, have you thought about having one built from the ground up? If you have the time and the money, having a custom-built home offers many advantages. You can make sure that your home is perfectly suited to your own taste, and you do not have to spend a lot of time making expensive renovations to an existing structure.

Instead, you can build your home to suit from scratch, which ensures that it will be exactly what you want. Every feature that you could possibly want can be included. This is in many ways a lot simpler than trying to renovate a house that has already been built.

There are many different styles of house designs and plans for you to look at, and it is easy to become overwhelmed by all that is out there. By looking at different European house plans, for example, you can see if any of these designs strike your fancy. Europe has a long and varied architectural history, so there will undoubtedly be some plan that you like.

While Europe is a fairly small continent in geographic terms, it is amazingly rich in culture. There is a great diversity when it comes to different styles of architecture, so there is no single “European” house. The homes of Spain and Portugal, for example, bear little resemblance to those found in Norway to the north or Albania to the east.

People have been building homes in Europe for thousands of years, so there is a rich history that you can mine for ideas as well. While many older houses are fairly basic, there are also more elaborate or ornate structures that you can look at to find ideas. Do not limit yourself to a single country or time period, either. By mixing and matching different concepts from different eras, you can create a distinctly European home that is nonetheless uniquely yours.


If you have the chance to do so, taking a trip to Europe can be one of the best ways to get ideas for your new home. Spending a month or two traveling across the continent, looking at different houses, lets you get a sense of what it is like to be inside these structures. While pictures and blueprints are helpful, they cannot tell you what a particular home is really like from the inside.

Of course, not everyone can afford to fly to Europe and spend months wandering around, looking at homes. If this is your situation, do not fret. There are still many resources that you can draw upon to find ideas for great house plans in a European style. For example, you can look online at plans of many different homes from many different countries.

Your local public library may be another useful resource that you can use. This article right here speaks of how most libraries own books that contain house plans in many different styles. The library may also subscribe to various magazines that publish house plans in each issue. If you are having trouble finding what you need, just ask a reference librarian for help, and they can point you in the right direction.

A good design firm may also be a great help during this process. Look for a firm that has experiencing building European-style homes. This way, you can feel confident that they will give you the help that you need.

When you are building a new home, determining the style is an important step. With the right house plans in mind, you will soon be moving into the home of your dreams.

Josh’s Recent Plumbing Problems

No matter where you live, be it Arlington Heights, Texas or any other location, if you have plumbing , you have plumbing problems. They’re absolutely unavoidable. Things leak, things break, things just plain and simple wear down over time. What are some of the most common plumbing problems, and what can you do to stop them? Is there anything you can do other than hire an expensive plumber? Are you doomed to pay all your emergency funds to fix a simple leaky toilet?

No! There are fixes for the most common plumbing problems out there. Of course, not every fix will work, and sometimes you’ll be forced to hire a plumbing expert. But if the problem is simple, then you may be able to save yourself a little bit of cash and fix the problem yourself.

What are the most common plumbing problems, and how can you fix them? Well, one of the most common plumbing problems is a drain clog. You know what that looks like. The water in your sink is slow to drain, or it refuses to drain all together. Clogs can be messy, because they make it impossible to fully utilize your sink. A clogged sink is a stagnant sink, and a stagnant sink is a dirty, filthy sink.


So what can you do? The first thing to try would be plunging it, just like you do a clogged toilet. A plunger might not fix the problem, but it’s a low-cost solution that doesn’t hurt to try. The repeated suction and force of the plunger might just knock the clog loose.

Another thing you can do is purchase a tool called a snake. A snake is a long, stiff yet flexible cable with a spiral tip on the end. You simply slide the cable into your drain, and when you get to the clog, you spin it around. The spiral tip then collects the hair and gunk that got stuck in the drain, and you can pull it out. This fixes most clog problems.

Another incredibly common plumbing problem is a leaking pipe. Leaking pips occur either because a pipe has an actual crack in it, or because the fittings have become loose. If your pipe is actually cracked, then you’ll need to shut off the water, and fully replace the pipe. That can be such a hassle that it’s often better to call in a plumbing expert.

However, if it’s merely loose fittings, that’s an easy enough fix. You simply grab a wrench, and tighten the fittings. If you’re worried about the fittings becoming loose again, there’s tools to help with that. You can go to your local hardware store and purchase a substance called “plumber’s putty”. You can slather that onto the fittings, and that will help keep the fittings in place.

Another common problem that happens with plumbing is low water pressure. If you have low water pressure, you first need to check with your neighbors. If they also have low water pressure, then it’s a neighborhood thing, and you’ll need to purchase a special water pressure machine. This machine hooks up to your faucets, and sprays the water out more powerfully.

If it’s not a neighborhood thing, then you may have a device that lowers the water pressure in your house. A Arlington Heights plumbing company can easily tell you if you have one. Check your hot water heater, and also near your water main, and see if there’s any such device. Then you can simply turn it off. Lastly, try cleaning the faucet or shower head thoroughly.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to fix common plumbing problems! Good luck!